LIDEX - 2000 Ltd

Provider of new and renovated medical equipment for imaging diagnostics

About Lidex 2000

Lidex – 2000 Ltd. is a provider of new and used medical equipment and services with more then 10 years experience.

We are located in Bulgaria with our office in Sofia. We have a strong presence in Bulgaria while also supplying equipment to other neighboring countries. We provide quality services and equipment to various companies ranging from small equipment supplier and small clinics to large institutions like hospitals and medical colleges.

Lidex – 2000 Ltd. strives to be a total solution provider to its clients. We have a skilled workforce that includes our office staff, product managers, project managers and Radiology technicians. We deliver result oriented, cost effective and cutting edge commercial solutions for your business/organization. Our solutions work effectively with your existing infrastructure which reduces down time and extra expenses from the start of the project.We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients through our hard work, knowledge and expertise. We look forward to showing you that our reputation for quality is well deserved.As an experienced diagnostic medical imaging solutions company, Lidex – 2000 Ltd. plans, designs and installs new diagnostic imaging facilities, retrofits existing facilities, provides complete accessories and parts and also deals in complete logistic solutions.

Used Imaging Equipment

Lidex – 2000 Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian company for used medical equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI, CT Scanners, RF Rooms, C-Arms, X-Rays, Cath Labs, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometers, Ultrasound, Computer radiology and Printers and all accessory items used within the radiology industry.

Lidex – 2000 Ltd. provides the following customer benefits:

  • 1Experience with all vendors of diagnostic medical imaging equipment
  • 2Providing used, re-conditioned and new imaging equipment
  • 3Disposition of old/existing imaging equipment
  • 4Large array of services and accessories for all sorts of imaging equipment
  • 5Complete spare parts availability
  • 6Extensive parts repair capability
  • 7Experience with installation and dismantling of wide range of imaging equipment
  • 8Experience with logistics of imaging equipment

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